Take Your Recital Sign In Process to the Next Level

Backstage security is an important part of your dance recital. We make checking in and out dancers simple!

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Speed Up Your Check In Line

The show must go on and can't wait for the dancer check in line! Speed up your check in process using Check In Pointe!

Keep Your Dancers Safe

Know who's been signed in backstage and who hasn't arrived for the show yet. Track who left the show early.

Complete Data

Know when every student is checked in and checked out of backstage at the recital.

Keep your recital organized and running smoothly

You need an easy-to-use solution to check in dancers for your recital.  Be sure you know exactly who's been checked in backstage and who hasn't.

  • Keep the backstage line moving

    Quickly lookup students and check them in backstage.

  • Assign Dressing Rooms

    Keep track of dressing room assignments and have check-in staff direct dancers to correct dressing rooms.

  • Track Medical Information & Alerts

    Inform your backstage staff of student medical information or other important alerts.

  • Message Dancer's Parents

    Send a text message to a dancer's parents if there's an issue backstage or send a message to a specific dressing room if you find a lost costume.

  • Waiver Management

    Have parents sign a recital liability, jewelry waiver, or health screening form right on the screen and have a copy emailed to them.

Stay Safe and Organized

There's nothing worse than having a dance about to start on stage and missing a dancer. You search the dressing rooms and start to panic, only to realize the dancer was sick and was never at the show to begin with. Say goodbye to that scenario with Check In Pointe.

Easy to use Interface

You need to train your staff or backstage volunteers how to check in dancers in one minute or less. We get it! That's why we designed Check In Pointe to be user intuitive and super easy to learn to use.

Check In Pointe takes Centerstage

Your parents will recognize the state-of-the-art technology being used at your recital and appreciate the care and attention to detail you're taking to ensure their dancer's security.

How Check In Pointe works?

  • Setup Your Production

    Setup your shows online using our studio dashboard. Create and assign students to shows. Add student's contact and medical information.

  • Connect to Check In Pointe

    Open Check In Pointe on your tablet and connect to WiFi or Cellular for show day. Select the current show from your list of shows.

  • Check In Dancers

    As each dancer arrives, check them into the show. Dancer needs to be signed out early? That's no problem, you can check them out of backstage anytime!

Subscription Pricing

$ 149 year

Annual Subscription
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  • Unlimited Dancers per show
  • Unlimited Shows per year
  • Unlimited Devices at check in
  • 500 SMS Text Credits Included


$ 10 show

Stage Manager Mode

Stage Manager Mode is your showtime information hub for the person calling your show.  Features include:

  • Your stage manager will have a dancer list, production notes, and other show critical data right at their fingertips.
  • Track Production Notes for each dance such as lighting, sound, video, and set/prop notes.

$ 5 500 messages

Additional SMS Text Message Credits

Add on additional SMS text message credits at anytime.  

  • Message parents to confirm dancers have been signed in/out.
  • Message individual parents if an issue arrises backstage.
  • Message entire studio important performance alerts.
  • Message a specific class or dressing room.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Check In Pointe is designed to make your recital check in process as simple and easy as possible.  If you have questions, our support team is here to help you!

The Check In Pointe app works on iOS (iOS 12 or later) and Android (Android 9 or later) devices. You can use it on a phone or tablet. A tablet is recommended over a phone. A laptop could also work.

Check In Pointe does not rent any hardware, but recommends Choose2Rent for renting iPads or Mobile Hotspots for your event.

Sure, Check In Pointe can run in any internet browser, so you can use a PC or Mac laptop instead of a phone or tablet.

You can setup as many shows as you need. Check In Pointe is designed for a multi-show environment. You can check dancers in separately to each show.

Definitely! You can import any Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. We have instructions on how to import from DanceWorks, Jackrabbit, Studio Director, and Dance Studio Pro.

Your credit card will be charged the $149 annual subscription fee when you sign up. It will auto-bill each year on the anniversary of your registration unless cancelled prior.

Yes, a high-speed internet connection is required to connect to Check In Pointe. Many venues offer WiFi (just check with your venue manager ahead of time).

In the event that WiFi is not available, you can use a cellular-connected device (such as an iPhone, Android phone, or an iPad with Cellular). You can also use a Mobile Hotspot. However, your check-in speed will depend on your network connection. A slow network connection can slow check-in time.

You can have as many students as you need for each show.

Absolutely! You can connect as many devices to Check In Pointe as you like. Since the Check In Pointe app connects to the internet, each device will always be up to date.

You are able to download a spreadsheet of every dancer's check in and check out time.

Check In Pointe includes SMS text notifications for parents when their dancer is signed in and out of backstage. Users are also able to text parents custom message notifications, such as if a dancer isn't feeling well.

Still have a question? Reach out to us: hello@checkinpointe.com

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Use Check In Pointe No Matter What Device You Have!

Check In Pointe works on any device - iOS, Android, Windows or macOS.  You can use it on as many devices as you need, all included in your annual subscription.

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